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Location: Atlanta
Typical budget: $3,000-$10,000

Good web design is two-fold. It is an artful mix of technology and art. A mix of functionality and form. It's a lot like... well... a chair. You can have a super, awesome chair in your livingroom that fits in the room, ties it together really well, balances the chi, whatever you go for. But nobody sits in that chair 'cause it's way too uncomfortable. You might also have the chair been passed on for generations, it's worn in really well, fits you like a glove. Good after-church-Sunday-nap chair you might say. But somehow whenever the company is around, it mysteriously disappears.

Web design is the same way. It might look spectacular, get all the rave reviews, but if it can't perform, nobody is going to want to use it. And if it runs like a tank, handles years of abuse, never takes a day off, but looks crappy, nobody will want to use it.

Why do you want what we have? Because we strive for both. We know that you want your site to be used. Otherwise, why would you have setup a site in the first place? (Besides.. you know... just looking cool: "Hey, yeah, check out my website."). We at HungerAndThirst Design (HaTD) are working with a unique blend of tools and technologies to bring you a new solution in custom web design solutions. We'd love to talk to you to help you setup your own site, develop a corporate image based on who you are trying to reach, and generally make you stand out among the rest.

How do we do it? We are primarily a Ruby on Rails shop (think Twitter, Hulu, etc.), specializing in custom Rails apps/sites that work to bring forward powerful, flexible solutions to problems you are looking to solve.

Main hit list of technologies we are building with:

* Ruby on Rails (2.x, 3)
* jQuery (for the interactiv-y bits)
* Apache/Nginx + Passenger for custom hosted solutions or Heroku for third-party hosting.

We also have...
a variety of other services beyond strict Rails web development:

* Corperate/Individual identity development
* Existing site redesigns (not just for Rails sites)
* Web Service scripting

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