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As the Digital Agency of Record for, we are focused on preparing for the future. From unification of Tennis' code base, to optimization of their infrastructure, to driving traffic with our SEO efforts, we are proud to support the #1 trusted site for Tennis aficionados. Our integration efforts span across multiple Tennis properties, including Tennis Magazine and Tennis Tuesday, both of which provide unique and comprehensive views into one of the nation’s most popular sports. is the #1 global destination for those looking to stay updated on the game. We are enabling a more unified experience both on and offline and are excited to be their court-side partner.
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Parallactic Consulting :: Data & Web Development

Local independent grocery store Open Produce had megabytes of sales data going back years, but didn't have the synthesis tools that would enable them to use this data effectively for their business. We worked with the staff of Open Produce to establish which metrics would be most helpful, and wrote a collection of web tools to streamline their business processes. Now they can visualize sales by time of day or day of week, and see and predict seasonal variations. They share some of this information with their customers real time on their website. At the same time, we wrote them a series of inventory management tools to streamline their ordering process. Open Produce stopped making business decisions in the blind and now can literally see what works and what doesn't. They use this information to set their hours of operation, ensure sufficient staff at peak times, and predict their cash flow needs during their seasonal slumps.