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Social/Community Web Designs

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Weberous Web Design

Interactive and social wedding and wedding vendor directory for 2 People 1 Life - full details at
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Weberous Web Design

Contest website for xPrize and Disney, part of promotion for the movie Tomorrowland - full details on our website
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We partnered with Pledgeling to devise a way for users to donate directly to any non-profit organization of their choosing and share their donation history with friends within the app. Why share your donations? Users are more likely to give to charity if they see friends and family doing it too. We helped Pledgeling launch their start-up by providing Strategy, Branding, Agile Coaching, IA/UX, Design and Development. Pledgeling was built so that all user information and transactions are secure and accessible from any device. This highly-scalable platform also generates detailed analytics on how the platform is used by contributors. In the first few months after launch, Pledgeling users have helped raise than $1M of donations.