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node.js Web Designs

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Digital Marauders

Loki App is a travel app Build in React Native, Node.js and mongoDB
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D.Workz Interactive

Collaboration was our guiding principle from the beginning of the project. We worked side by side with Terminal team to rapidly prototype ideas and designs for the new website. Responsive design was particularly important given our busy, multi-tasking target audience. Accessibility across devices allows people to manage their virtual working environments wherever they are. During the development phase we used Terminal's own product for virtualization of development containers and for implementation of desired stack. We used HTML5, SASS, Javascript (jQuery, Backbone) and Node.js for the backside to implement all the cool features and the responsive web layouts. A complete visual update resulted in more web visitors and significantly increased conversion rate. Within one week after launch of redesigned website witnessed over 70,000 unique visitors, where over 65 percent became paid customers. View case study:
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Steamclock Software

Emily Carr University's The Show 2013 app and site needed to streamline the submission process, make curation easy, and deliver content in beautiful layouts accessible through desktops, tablets, and phones. Steamclock designed and developed the native iPad app, the responsive web apps for browsing and curating content, and the APIs that tie it all together. Using Node.js, HTML5, and Objective-C, we created a great experience across various devices.
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We work with you on-premise to ensure that your product succeeds. We may not agree with all the ideas that you may have but our intention is to build a successful product, together with you.