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D.Workz Interactive

We are pleased to announce the release of a completely new PubNub Administrator Dashboard! Not only have we updated the user interface and visualizations to help people better manage their PubNub applications, but we have also optimized the PubNub system to provide a cleaner and more streamlined user experience. View case study:
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D.Workz Interactive

AMAfeed approached us to help design them AMA responsive web platform. What is AMA? Literally, AMA stands for “Ask-Me-Anything”. In usage, AMA is an interview format, a conversation that is experienced between an interviewee ("Host") and community ("Guests"). AMA has been described as an "open interview" or a "crowdsourced interview" because the community ("Guests") asks the interviewee ("Host") questions as opposed to a single interviewer.
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What We Did: BRAND STRATEGY VISUAL IDENTITY ECOMMERCE DESIGN DIGITAL / COMMERCE STRATEGY UX / RESPONSIVE DESIGN CONTENT DEVELOPMENT COPYWRITING ART DIRECTION CATALOG DESIGN STYLE GUIDE The Story: You could say Revo started it all when it comes to technology and innovation in performance sunglasses. The brand hit the ground running in 1985 and quickly grew to be a global performance eyewear brand known as the leader in polarized lens technology. After almost two and half decades it was time for a serious brand refresh. Sequential Brands Group, the newest owner of Revo, came to GTP with the desire to totally transform and expand the brand and website to support future product development and ecommerce functionality. We set out to bring the Revo brand into the next phase of it’s evolution – creating a more relevant and effective brand position as well as overhauling the website into a responsive ecommerce site. Overall our focus was to continue to connect with Revo’s global legacy consumer while attracting a wider audience of outdoor enthusiasts. We wanted to establish Revo as not only a performance brand, but a lifestyle brand, showcasing a fresh new style and vibe that would drive brand awareness, consumer engagement, and ultimately sales. SHOOT US AN EMAIL TO CHAT ABOUT YOUR NEXT PROJECT OR REQUEST A QUOTE - MEGAN@GETTHEPEOPLE.COM or CHECK OUT OUR SITE WWW.GETTHEPEOPLE.COM
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What We Did: WEB ASSESSMENT SCOPE CONSULTING BRAND STRATEGY VISUAL IDENTITY DIGITAL STRATEGY WIREFRAMES/ ARCHITECTURE CONTENT STRATEGY CONTENT DEVELOPMENT USER EXPERIENCE WEB DESIGN QUALITY ASSURANCE THE STORY: Haven In has curated a selection of luxury villa and apartment vacation rentals in France, Italy, and England for over 20 years. In a travel industry that’s turned into a massive and impersonal catalog of real estate, Haven In offers high end services with full amenities bringing a personal, ‘un-hotel’ experience into the comfort of private home environment. The Haven team came to us with a fifteen year old website looking to completely revamp and transform their entire brand and web experience into a more robust, current and competitive platform within their industry. We started fresh, creating a robust interactive search platform that is clean, elegant, and sophisticated with intuitive and progressive search functionality. The site showcasing a beautiful fullscreen photography, dynamic content, and a user-friendly experience that reflects the unique vacation experience, warmth, and quality Haven In has to offer. SHOOT US AN EMAIL TO CHAT ABOUT YOUR NEXT PROJECT OR REQUEST A QUOTE - MEGAN@GETTHEPEOPLE.COM or CHECK OUT OUR SITE WWW.GETTHEPEOPLE.COM
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D.Workz Interactive

Design of the marketing website for environmental law & litigation firm.
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description for beangenius
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Boucher + Co.

Designed and developed e-mail marketing campaigns.