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Health & Beauty Web Designs

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Digital Marauders

NewBeauty is the online destination for the beauty enthusiast and authority in beauty news. Through custom UX/UI design, CMS architecting, brand identity ideation, and, django development, we took new beauty from an antiquated website to a brand right, on-trend, and responsive mobile-first experience. From day one of re-launch, New Beauty saw a traffic increase of 170%.
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Transforming the Beauty Industry Copious worked with Birchbox to launch a personalized, one-of-a-kind online beauty hub—in just 90 days. Focusing on visual cues from the fashion industry to inspire design elements, we struck a balance between cosmetic editorial style without a commercial feel.
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Kick Point

Dr. Cohen needed a website to establish a local presence in Richmond, VA for her plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic. This is a screenshot from the homepage of the website we built for her.