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Financial Services Web Designs

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A fully responsive, marketing website for the company - a tool which helps executors of the estate.
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SemiBig Creative Industries

Having distributed a NIKKEI stock application for the last 4+ years, Simplex realized that it needed a complete overhaul. We redesigned the application's visual interface and functionality from the ground up. The 6-month project resulted in a mobile-based application distributed to Japanese financial companies, as well as a wider web-based release in the future.
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D.Workz Interactive

Stock Quotes – the iPhone app featuring timely stock market data, companies’ news feed and alerts when stocks reach a set price limits. It's out, it's FREE, it's proudly designed by D/Workz. Download it on the App Store: Don’t forget to rate the app and write your review. We are open for suggestions and ideas on features you would like to see in the next release.