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Fashion Web Designs

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Weberous Web Design

Responsive Shopify eCommerce website for RTA Brand
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Digital Marauders

This app was design to work with This app will help you pick the right size shoes for your kids. This app will allow you to take a photo of your child's foot and get the right measurement for a new pair of shoes.
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Digital Marauders

Amsale Custom Magento Build. Integration with Mailchimp, Zoho CRM and Zoho live chat.
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Digital Marauders

Magento Ecommerce Development with a fully integrated pos systems and realtime integrated warehouse fulfillment. Brand design and development.
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Boucher + Co.

Fashion e-commerce website created on Magento platform.
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With the ORLY Beauty website redesign, our challenge was two-fold: To create a beautiful new design that would showcase all of ORLY's products and to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for the customer. We aimed to highlight the spirit of ORLY founder Jeff Pink and his most well-known creation, the French Manicure. Keeping Pink's legacy in mind, we designed a simply structured and easy-to-use website that allows each colorful ORLY nail polish to take center stage. We built a fully-stacked Magento e-commerce backend that feels breathable, modern and luxurious. The new provides a stress-free, enjoyable shopping experience that makes ORLY stand out from the crowd as a timeless and classic brand.